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What is Repair Café Glasgow?

Repair Cafe Glasgow was founded in 2018 on the principles of Repair Café International, and built upon the idea that our possessions have lots of life left in them when we maintain and repair them. Doing this together with others builds social cohesion and combats isolation, while helping reduce the size of our landfills.

​It's no secret that as a society we throw away vast amounts of stuff unnecessarily. The majority of our waste still goes into landfill and recycling options are often limited. Many products are intentionally designed with built-in obsolescence so that their useful life is shortened and we're forced to buy new. The knowledge and ability to repair and 'make do and mend' have been lost over the years and valuable practical skills are not being passed down the generations.

Repairers fixing a vacuum cleaner.
Girls sitting at a sewing machine during a workshop.

What is a repair café?

It's becoming more and more apparent that our 'throwaway' society, fuelled by over-consumption of cheap goods, is totally unsustainable. Repair Cafés are a hands-on way to learn how this attitude fails both people and the planet and to take practical steps to do something about it.

Repair Cafés are helping to change attitudes by presenting an innovative approach to waste reduction, social cohesion and the transference of craft skills, through the act of repairing, upgrading and maintaining a broad range of products.

Items regularly brought to Repair Cafés include furniture, household electrical appliances, electronic gadgets and devices, toys, garden equipment, bicycles, clocks, jewellery, ceramics, clothes and textiles...and much more!

and this is what we do...

Volunteers sitting at a reception table next to a repair cafe glasgow poster
Visitors sitting at a sewing machine during a workshop
Wide shot showing lots of repairs taking place at a cafe
Volunteer and visitor chatting at the kitchen counter
Two volunteers each repairing an iron.
Stereo on its side being repaired