The Repair Café Process

Here's how to get the most out of your visit to our Repair Café.

Prepare your item

If your item has been in storage for a while, give it a quick wipe to clean off any dust. Make sure you bring any accessories, cables, and parts you need to make your item work. For example, if you're bringing a tape deck, bring a tape and some speakers or headphones so we can test it.

Check in with our welcome team

When you arrive you'll be asked to fill in a registration form and agree to follow our House Rules.

Enjoy a hot drink, sweet treats, or some warming soup.

There may be a short wait while we find the best repairer for your item. While you wait why not enjoy a hot drink, sweet treat, or some hot soup during the winter months. You're welcome to watch other repairs while they happen, so keep an eye out for anything interesting going on.

Get your item seen by one of our volunteers

When a suitable repairer is available you'll be invited to sit with them. They'll explain what's happening throughout the process, so it's a chance to learn or take part in the repair if you're interested.

Tell our check-out team how you got on

Before you leave, visit our Check Out desk so that we can track what items we fixed, anything we couldn't fix, and how you enjoyed your visit. We'd also love to take some photos of repaired items for our social media.

Make a contribution to support the Repair Café, if you can

We offer our repairs, tools, consumables, and café snacks, on a pay-what-you-can basis. If you enjoy your visit and are able to do so, then we would gratefully appreciate a contribution towards our running costs. We accept cash and card payments.

Row of tables with repairs taking place.
Volunteer talking to a visitor arriving.
Volunteer making a hot drink
Repair Café Glasgow sign
A doll's arm being sewn back on.
Home baking

Interested in visiting?

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