Repair Café Glasgow at Clyde Community Hall

What happens at a Repair Café?

​When you arrive with an item for repair, our reception team will ask you to complete a registration form and record your repair.  We track what is brought in and whether it is repaired, so we can learn for the repairs, know what we have saved from being landfilled and share this with others so we can spread the word on the right to repair.

Depending on the time you turn up and the number of participants, there could be a short wait before a suitable repairer is free but we do our best to keep this waiting time to a minimum.  This gives you the opportunity to enjoy a hot drink and some tasty treats in the café.  ​

When an appropriate repairer is free you are invited to sit with them, watch the repair taking place and even assist with it if you so wish.  The repairer will always explain what is happening so it’s also a chance for you to learn and pick up some new practical skills.​

If your possession can’t be repaired – and unfortunately sometimes this is the case – the reasons for this will be explained and advice given on the safest and easiest way to dispose of it.



Sat 27th Jul 2024


12:00 - 15:00
Clyde Community Hall


Clyde Community Hall
41 Whitefield Road, Ibrox, G51 2YB

Clyde Community Hall is an open-plan space with step-free access.