How can we help?

Toy Hospital

Mending soft toys can be the perfect opportunity for you to have a go at taking part in the repair as they often involve a bit of hand sewing. Our amazing volunteers can help you get started, or talk you through the process so you know how to do it next time.

At every café we've got volunteers who can work on textiles, crafts, and electronics, so we can usually have a go at mending most toys.

Bear missing an eye
Rocking horse on its side being repaired
Pull string toy being repaired
Toy train sitting on a table

Examples of things we've repaired

These are just some of the things that visitors bring along regularly.

  • Remote control toys like cars or planes

  • Teddy bears, dolls & soft toys

  • Scalextric race cars

  • Bicycles & skateboards

  • Train sets

  • Hoverboards

  • Rocking horses

Don't worry if your item isn't on the list. We can take a look at almost anything, even if it's just a basic diagnosis to confirm if it is, or isn't, repairable.

We won't work on

  • Laser pens & pointers - they carry a high risk of permanent damage to eyesight. We don't have the right facilities to work on them safely.